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We believe that the journey from a business to a brand relies on the extent to which you generate loyalty amongst customers, channel patterns, employees and influencers. At IMAST, we architect Loyalty Programs Software that flaunt your business with utmost prowess


IMAST Loyalty is an all-rounder!
Whether B2B or B2C, be sure to find the India's most efficient Loyalty Program Software here!

  • Trusted by Brands across 15+ Industries
  • Manage Customer Loyalty Software for 10M+, influencers and channel partners
  • Industry best Omni Channel Loyalty Solution Provider
  • Easy integration with POS, ERP , DMS and E Com platforms
  • Global Loyalty Programs with Multilanguage, Time Zone and Currency Support
  • Real-Time data Analytics and Dashboards

Regarded the Best by the Best.

Features in abundance, Simplicity at its peak!

LoyaltyMast allows you to personally Create and Manage your Loyalty Program and tailor it according to your needs.


Loyalty Mast allows efficient customer engagement across all channels. With minimum marketing expenditure and maximum sales conversion, communicating with your customers is easier and more fruitful.

Chatbots and WhatsApp

LoyaltyMAST enables quick communication with customers by coordinating with multiple chatbots, RPA bots like WhatsApp and others.

Contact Centre Support and Automation

LoyaltyMast allows calling software to be integrated with it, thus, allowing seamless communication with your customers, channel partners and influencers and also provide support in IVR, multi-language calling, missed call and toll-free mechanisms.

Real-time interaction

LoyaltyMast allows you to Interact with your customers and give them updates at anytime anywhere via SMS, notifications, Whatsapp, calls, mailers, etc.

Smart Email Campaigns

Optimize your loyalty programs’ email campaigns with A/B testing for better open and click-through rates.

Personalised communications

Greet your customers, channel partners and influencers personally on special occasions with our smart inbuilt event-based calendar

Sales campaign

Run and communicate customised sales offers, sales boosters and campaigns for your customers, channels and influencers.

Engaging Message Templates

The in-built module allows you to select from an array of templates for all your communication needs.

Track Campaign Performance

The live dashboard allows you to check the KPIs on-the-go, allowing you to have a better day-to-day overview of the loyalty marketing campaigns. Have hands-on information of the reach, upsell and cross sell ratio, clicks, customer loyalty index, net promoter score, and more.

Campaign and Scheme Creation

LoyaltyMast makes you a pro!

Design your sales campaigns, loyalty points matrix, offers and sales boosters in loyalty programs from our easy-to-use loyalty interface which allows you to configure your loyalty program based on tier category, channels, sales hierarchy, product categories, etc. to motivate customers, channel partners and influencers across the journey with rewards.

Setting up a campaign

LoyaltyMast allows you to create campaigns with ease. Upgrade and downgrade tiers based on your requirements in a jiffy. Allot points and promotions to further boost your loyalty programs.

Rewarding Referrals

Strengthen your brand loyalty with enticing referral programs that help you win valuable customers for lifetime

Loyalty Expert Assistance

Contact our expert team for any support regarding your loyalty program design. With over 50 years of cumulative experience in designing loyalty programs for various industries, IMAST creates loyalty programs which give you optimum ROI and create a wow factor for customers, channel partners and influencers.

Customer specific campaigns

Encourage your customers to shop! Using the easy-to-use loyalty interface which allows you to configure your loyalty program based on tier category, channels, sales hierarchy, product categories, etc. to motivate customers, channel partners and advanced Analytics engine, you can easily create store/product/time-based personalised loyalty campaigns.

Rewards Manager

Surprise Your Customers with Personalised Rewards!

Your customers need to know how much they matter to you. How lovely would it be to be a part of their celebrations! After all, you are not just a brand, you are a part of their lives!

Reward Customers at the Right Time

LoyaltyMast makes targeting and categorizing your customers based on their association with your brand easier. Thus, enabling you to give the best rewards at perfect timings.

Event-based Triggers

Whether a birthday or an anniversary, with LoyaltyMast you can create a fully customized event management framework that enables you to make your customers’ happy days happier!

Analytics-based Rewards

Imagine spending days figuring out which schemes are working for what customer profiles. Tedious, isn’t it? With advanced AI algorithms of Loyalty MAST, it is now possible to reward your customers with the most relevant promotions and offers. Back your gut feelings with insights from our platform and use them as an arsenal!

Omnichannel rewards

You can now view customer information across all channels in a single screen, be it a mobile app, website, social media, or an in-store purchase. Derive all relevant knowledge of their touch points, buying or consumption patterns in one go and plan your reward programs accordingly .


What good is an offer if it can’t be joyously redeemed?

Instant gratification

Gratitude makes you humble. Instantly tell your customers, channels and influencers how thankful you are to them through various mediums like bank transfers, points in wallets, wallet transfer, instant vouchers etc.

Virtual Currency Redemption

LoyaltyMast offers IT intelligence so that customers can use their points or virtual currency to pay for their purchases. The Pay-with-Points is a real-time function and can be redeemed via any channel, i.e. at a POS/ in-store, online or mobile.

Redemption Via Physical & Digital Vouchers

With LoyaltyMast, it’s you who decide how to redeem your vouchers. The redemption could be in the form of money vouchers, service vouchers, product vouchers, discount vouchers, third-party vouchers etc. Generate, manage, and track unique loyalty program related voucher codes or external voucher code series easily!


Track your Campaigns

How good is a campaign if you can’t measure it? LoyaltyMast enables you to gain visibility of multiple loyalty program performance parameters such as membership growth, demographics, revenue accrual, liabilities, earn and burn rate, geography-based performance, sales,staff-based performance, store-based Analytics, channel-based Analytics and more through various reports.

Optimize Campaigns, Sales Offers and Sales Boosters

Use real-time insights from our reports and modify your loyalty programs to maximise growth. Monitor engagement and effectiveness of different customer loyalty programs and adjust low performing areas to increase the overall effectiveness of your brand loyalty programs.

Encashing the Cash Cow – “Data”

Unleash the immense power of a data-driven, customer-centric management approach. LoyaltyMast, supported by market-leading Big Data & BI tools, allows you to:

  • Turn your loyalty program’s data into a 360° view of customers including context, intentions, relationships, and interactions.
  • Derive actionable insights from your data through relevant reports & analysis.
  • Create customer segments based on data from various sources to increase the level of personalisation and effectiveness of your marketing communication and promotions.
  • Understand the effectiveness & ROI of your campaigns, promotions, and your loyalty program and derive insights from reports to make your loyalty endeavours more profitable.


Engage your customers, influencers and channel partners like never before!

Boost Customer Engagement

The goal of any loyalty program is to increase customer engagement, we help you do just that with end to end management of gamification strategies.

Increase Average Order Value

Attract more sales by offering limited-time promotions and reward points. Make use of customer insight reports and gamify your loyalty program for better conversion.

Amplify Brand Reach

Extend and broaden the reach of your loyalty programs by referral bonuses. Attract more users to your platform and thus enhance your brand reach.

Loyalty Program Types

LoyaltyMast is flexible beyond imagination! Our feature rich yet user friendly mechanism supports all industry verticals and efficiently enhances all types of loyalty program software – from low to medium to even the highest degree of complexity! A pro at multitasking, LoyaltyMast enables you to set up multiple partners, differing data structures, product categories, locations and much more with utmost ease.

LoyaltyMast uses diversity as an asset. We have a solution for everything!

Audience based program

  • B2B – Business to Business loyalty program
  • B2C – Business to Customer loyalty program
  • Sales channel loyalty program
  • Influencer loyalty program
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Retail loyalty program
  • Omnichannel Loyalty Program
  • And many more Process and technology-based programs:

Process and technology-based program

  • POS integration-based loyalty program
  • ERP integration-based loyalty program
  • QR code-based loyalty program
  • Invoice punching based loyalty program
  • Sales staff based loyalty program
  • Unique code-based loyalty program
  • SMS, WhatsApp, toll free, IVR based loyalty program
  • Offline Loyalty Program
  • Online Loyalty Program
  • And more

Rewards and redemptions types of loyalty program

  • Points-Based Loyalty Program
  • Cashback-Based Loyalty Program
  • Gifts and Voucher-based loyalty Program
  • Instant Gratification Loyalty Program

Membership Based program

  • Paid membership-based Loyalty Program
  • Subscription-Based Loyalty Program
  • Non-Paid Membership Loyalty program
  • Tier-Level Loyalty Program

Types-Based loyalty program

  • Regional Loyalty Program
  • National Loyalty Program
  • International/ Multi-Country Loyalty Program

Looking for expert assistance?
We can help you create the best loyalty programs ever

At IMAST, experts of the industry with a 100% success record come together to personally design and implement Customised Loyalty Programs that ensure the growth and success of your business

Program strategy

  • Strategy Mapping
  • Target Setting
  • Program KRA/KP
  • Scheme Structure
  • Reward Strategy
  • Program marketing

Process Mapping

  • Enrolment Process
  • Audit Process
  • Points Earn & Burn Process
  • Segmentation
  • Data Structure

Program Operations

  • Support Team Setup
  • Program Training


  • Program Creatives
  • Communication Channels
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Communication Concept & Planning

Going Forward Strategy

  • Program Strategy Roadmap
  • Program Alliance
  • Loyalty
  • Survey & feedback

Program strategy

  • Strategy Mapping
  • Target Setting
  • Program KRA/KP
  • Scheme Structure
  • Reward Strategy
  • Program marketing

Process Mapping

  • Enrolment Process
  • Audit Process
  • Data Structure
  • Segmentation
  • Points Earn & Burn Process

Program Operations

  • Support Team Setup
  • Program Training


  • Program Creatives
  • Communication Channels
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Communication Concept & Planning

Going Forward Strategy

  • Program Strategy Roadmap
  • Program Alliance
  • Loyalty
  • Survey & feedback

Create and Design loyalty Web Portal

We create and design loyalty web portals where members can get a superior program experience,access their membership profiles and various kinds of information related to the loyalty program.

Fuel Your Loyalty Programs With Exciting Rewards

IMAST manages end to end rewards for Loyalty programs be it cards, wallet, bank, gifts, vouchers or experiential rewards for your customer.

Card Rewards

Physical Gifts



We master excellence!

With a high retention rate,
our pride lies in our happy clients.

“We have been utilizing the Booker’s Loyalty Program for our Hotel Group and have found the service of IMAST Operations to be highly professional, effective, and beneficial. Their team is incredibly supportive and helps us tremendously by advising us and helping us implement our customer contact database efficiently. We highly recommend IMAST Operations and their Programs. Their services are the best and the most efficient in the industry.”

“We hired IMAST to elevate our specific product range sales lead generation, to create a retailer pool and strengthen the existing pool of specific segments. In a very short time, we saw commendable results. IMAST helped us get abundant leads into sales, improve lead quality and target sales. They also helped us improvise our pitching tactics and establish reporting and measurement while expanding our lead generation efforts.”

“We achieved a tremendous 38% improvement in PRIDE Penetration against a target of 15% and doubled the active tag-dealer network while ensuring complete visibility and payment recovery to assure long-term engagement. We congratulate the entire team for a very successful completion of the project.”

“IMAST handles various Marketing and IT Projects for us and we swear by their services. The solutions that they provide are highly flexible, customizable, and scalable. Working with IMAST gives us the feeling of working with our own internal team. We are very taken up with their extensive knowledge base and their Project Management expertise. Their business analytics services have proven to be immensely helpful for our growth and have helped us tremendously in bridging the market gap and innovating growth strategies. IMAST is a blooming professional company that is bound to conquer heights.”

“We highly appreciate the implementation speed of IMAST for our Customer Loyalty Program. The entire program was implemented with utmost perfection and in almost no time! The Loyalty Services and Solutions by IMAST are remarkable and extremely reliable.”

“Our ‘Virgo Vijeta Influencer Loyalty Program’ needed a reliable framework along with an efficient implementation and that is why we chose IMAST. As our products are channel driven, our main focus lies on our influencers and the Virgo Vijeta Loyalty Program has tremendously increased Influencer Loyalty towards our brand. Thanks to the loyalty program, we can now identify our high-value influencers and accordingly design our promotion campaigns. The thing that attracted our influencers the most is that they can redeem their points anytime, anywhere!”

“We chose IMAST because they offer the best combination of scalability, innovation, security, user-friendly operational methods and value-added features. KKCL Privilege Club has more than 10,000 retailers. IMAST’s Loyalty Program is highly stable and our retailers have submitted a very positive feedback regarding the same. We are extremely happy with their services on the whole, especially the subject matter expertise and the support provided by the entire team of IMAST.”

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